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14th of August

hunter rain boots (14th of August, 04:01:47 PM)
gladiator sandals (14th of August, 03:05:27 AM)

13th of August

water pump (13th of August, 08:45:27 PM)
holiday decorations (13th of August, 07:01:01 PM)
basketball goal (13th of August, 01:05:47 PM)
car wrap (13th of August, 07:49:15 AM)
windows tablet (13th of August, 04:25:23 AM)
wireless bluetooth speakers (13th of August, 12:09:44 AM)

12th of August

digital thermometer (12th of August, 08:15:47 PM)
mens luxury watches (12th of August, 05:18:47 PM)
hoodies for women (12th of August, 09:33:19 AM)
kitchen wall decor (12th of August, 02:25:29 AM)
tactical flashlight (12th of August, 01:28:16 AM)

11th of August

womens board shorts (11th of August, 04:19:28 PM)
t shirt dress (11th of August, 12:20:24 PM)
down comforter (11th of August, 10:50:30 AM)
muscle car (11th of August, 06:47:38 AM)

10th of August

pellet stove (10th of August, 08:55:03 PM)
jump rope (10th of August, 08:31:25 PM)
chocolate covered strawberries (10th of August, 03:11:39 PM)
twin duvet covers (10th of August, 12:09:11 PM)
leather sofa (10th of August, 01:07:12 AM)

9th of August

gold earrings (9th of August, 11:06:36 PM)
metal bed frame (9th of August, 08:57:19 PM)
dump truck (9th of August, 01:33:55 PM)
swim dress (9th of August, 08:57:14 AM)
bathroom mirrors (9th of August, 12:36:33 AM)

8th of August

car toys (8th of August, 10:26:33 PM)
small desk (8th of August, 09:18:30 PM)
backpack purse (8th of August, 08:21:48 PM)
kids boots (8th of August, 08:40:12 AM)
media player (8th of August, 03:13:42 AM)

7th of August

flower girl dresses (7th of August, 08:55:38 PM)
cool mist humidifier (7th of August, 05:57:11 PM)
living room lamps (7th of August, 05:47:19 PM)
mens boots (7th of August, 12:26:29 PM)
shag area rugs (7th of August, 02:02:00 AM)

6th of August

kids slippers (6th of August, 08:54:02 PM)
floral maxi dress (6th of August, 02:39:02 PM)
fashion rings (6th of August, 11:31:50 AM)
toy airplanes (6th of August, 10:45:36 AM)
costumes for kids (6th of August, 06:58:11 AM)
step ladder (6th of August, 06:09:07 AM)

5th of August

patio furniture clearance (5th of August, 04:25:23 PM)
coffee grinder (5th of August, 02:26:04 PM)
laptop backpack (5th of August, 01:47:12 PM)
heart necklace (5th of August, 06:01:48 AM)
joggers for men (5th of August, 01:14:22 AM)

4th of August

cowgirl boots (4th of August, 09:21:46 PM)
leather boots for women (4th of August, 08:33:09 PM)