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7th of October

color laser printer (7th of October, 07:08:09 PM)
kids lunch boxes (7th of October, 11:41:57 AM)
futon mattress (7th of October, 09:27:46 AM)

6th of October

hot tub (6th of October, 09:50:33 PM)
pencil case (6th of October, 09:39:56 PM)
men's athletic shoes (6th of October, 06:16:12 PM)
scroll saw (6th of October, 01:55:31 PM)
lazy boy (6th of October, 12:01:43 PM)

5th of October

crystal chandelier (5th of October, 11:45:10 PM)
gameboy advance (5th of October, 10:32:30 PM)
sofa furniture (5th of October, 07:54:13 PM)
paracord bracelet (5th of October, 06:59:27 PM)
foam mattress (5th of October, 08:30:31 AM)
golf bags (5th of October, 07:03:55 AM)
portable dvd player (5th of October, 05:19:17 AM)

4th of October

baseball tee (4th of October, 07:48:17 PM)
bathing suits for juniors (4th of October, 04:34:44 PM)
popcorn popper (4th of October, 09:24:20 AM)
power tools (4th of October, 01:06:07 AM)

3rd of October

cat scratching post (3rd of October, 11:40:14 PM)
loafers for men (3rd of October, 07:13:32 PM)
bowie knife (3rd of October, 06:40:14 PM)
colored contacts (3rd of October, 01:15:01 PM)
harry potter costumes (3rd of October, 12:30:23 AM)

2nd of October

boys coats (2nd of October, 11:47:38 PM)
ball python (2nd of October, 09:51:55 PM)
cat bed (2nd of October, 07:48:28 PM)
swing sets (2nd of October, 12:59:16 PM)

1st of October

handheld vacuum (1st of October, 10:15:45 PM)
weber grills (1st of October, 07:47:53 PM)
gold coins (1st of October, 02:48:52 PM)
mini drone (1st of October, 01:54:37 PM)
folding bike (1st of October, 01:34:23 PM)
home office chairs (1st of October, 02:58:49 AM)
glass bottles (1st of October, 02:38:44 AM)

30th of September

plus size halloween costumes (30th of September, 11:05:21 PM)
womens handbags (30th of September, 04:25:51 PM)
platform shoes (30th of September, 12:49:24 PM)
remote control helicopter (30th of September, 01:24:44 AM)

29th of September

mens swimsuits (29th of September, 06:58:46 PM)
clothes hangers (29th of September, 06:04:25 PM)
tactical gear (29th of September, 05:00:09 PM)
halloween lights (29th of September, 04:30:10 PM)

28th of September

smoke detector (28th of September, 11:35:03 PM)
hair clippers (28th of September, 10:11:29 PM)
dining table set (28th of September, 06:02:21 PM)
messenger bags (28th of September, 05:07:08 PM)
abstract art (28th of September, 03:00:42 PM)
queen bed frame (28th of September, 06:00:46 AM)
necklaces for women (28th of September, 02:19:41 AM)

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